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Gallery/Videos: “Last Christmas” BluRay Screencaps, Gag Reel, and Behind the Scenes

Saturday, Jun 20, 2020





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Press: Emilia Clarke stars in new trailer for horror anthology Murder Manual

Saturday, Jun 20, 2020


DIGITAL SPY – Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is back on screens in a creepy trailer for horror anthology Murder Manual.

The anthology, now available to watch on Amazon Prime, features a short film called Shackled – which Emilia starred in back in 2012.

Shackled follows the story of Malu (Clarke) who is released from her chains at a circus by her husband Jesse (Hadley Fraser) only to be haunted by a disturbing memory that she’d previously forgotten.

Seven other stories complete the anthology.

The Murder Manual trailer comes as Emilia’s West End play The Seagull had its scheduled run cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, it follows the actress recently admitted she felt “annoyed” about Jon Snow’s (Kit Harrington) ending in Game of Thrones, which saw Jon kill Daenerys (Clarke) and then escape beyond the wall after being sent to the Night’s Watch.

“Yeah, I felt for (Dany),” she told The Times. “I really felt for her.”

“And yeah, was I annoyed that Jon Snow didn’t have to deal with something? He got away with murder – literally.”

Emilia also recently revealed the gift her brother stole from the Game of Thrones set for her and said she was “in hell” speaking Dothraki in Dany’s big battle scene.

Totally pulled it off, though.

Murder Manuel is available on Amazon Prime now.



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