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Welcome to Enchanting Emilia Clarke, a fansite decided to the actress most known as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones since 2011. She has also stared in Terminator Genisys, Me Before You, Voice From the Stone, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Last Christmas. Emilia's become one of Hollywood's A-listers as well as representing Dolce & Gabbana's The One perfume. That's not to mention being beloved by fans and celebrities internationally for her funny, quirky, humble, and genuine personality. She's truly Enchanting.
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Game of Thrones (Season 8)

8.01 – Winterfell

Aired on April 14, 2019 – Directed by David Nutter

Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell and are met with skepticism. Sam learns about the fate of his family. Cersei gives Euron the reward he aims for. Theon follows his heart.

8.02 – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Aired on April 21, 2019 – Directed by David Nutter

Jaime faces judgment and Winterfell prepares for the battle to come.

8.03 – The Long Night

Aired on April 28, 2019 – Directed by Miguel Sapochnik

The Night King and his army have arrived at Winterfell and the great battle begins.

8.04 – The Last of the Starks

Aired on May 5, 2019 – Directed by David Nutter

The Battle of Winterfell is over and a new chapter for Westeros begins.

8.05 – The Bells

Aired on May 12, 2019 – Directed by Miguel Sapochnik

Forces have arrived at King’s Landing for the final battle.

8.06 – The Iron Throne

Aired on May 19, 2019 – Directed by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

In the aftermath of the devastating attack on King’s Landing, Daenerys must face the survivors.

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