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October 22 2016

WATCHERS ON THE WALLThe Dragon Queen & Targaryen crew conquer Gaztelugatxe!



The Basque wonder of Gaztelugatxe has been home to Game of Thrones filming only for a day, but it was quite a fruitful day —Not only for the production but also for the local press, who were there to give us our first look at what many of our main characters will be doing this coming season. The day’s work did not end there, however: Later in the day, Emilia Clarke made her fist public appearance on set this year. At long last, we get to see the Dragon Queen, Daenerys Targaryen, in her new conquering regalia.


According to Basque newspaper Deia, Kit Harington and Liam Cunningham spent the whole morning filming what appears to be the single scene we already reported on: King Jon and Ser Davos going down the stairway of Gaztelugatxe, perhaps being escorted by Missandei. Later on, however, another scene was being filmed, and this one involved the whole Targaryen Crew: Queen Daenerys Targaryen, bearer of many titles (Emilia Clarke); Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen (Peter Dinklage); Missandei, adviser and interpreter (Nathalie Emmanuel); Grey Worm, commander of the Unsullied (Jacob Anderson), and Varys, Master of Whisperers (Conleth Hill). Take a look:



This is the first time we get to see Varys and Grey Worm this year, and you may notice the Unsullied Commander, as well as all of his troops, have adapted to the colder weather of Westeros. Just as the Dothraki are wearing furs for the first time, the Unsullied now cover their previously unprotected arms. Let us be honest, however: Except for those who —for some reason— watch the show for realistic military logistics, most of us are probably more interested in what the Dragon Queen is wearing. Apparently, Daenerys has opted for a more martial-looking outfit than usual, very much like Missandei, though this one seems to be brown. Sadly, those of us who are hoping she embraces her Targaryenness fully and dresses all in black and red will have to wait.


Now, why are we discussing the dress and not the contents of what was actually filmed? Because, as of yet, we have no idea. This may be their arrival to Dragonstone, or another scene entirely. What is now undeniable is that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will be in the same location in season seven, even though we have not seen them sharing a scene yet. Please share your thoughts on the scene in the comments!


UPDATED: Filming in Gaztelugatxe continued this morning and, yet again, EL CORREO is our lifeline to the otherwise well-guarded production. In this scene, the Targaryen and Northern teams walk together up the stairs, though Daenerys is absent.

juego de tronos en san juan de gaztelugatxe. FOTO LUIS ANGEL GÓMEZ. FOTO LUIS ANGEL GÓMEZ.untitled-1


EITB also filmed some of the shooting/Emilia’s arrival from a distance:



In context, it seems likely the two monarchs would meet inside Dragonstone, which would be filmed in Northern Ireland’s Titanic Studios. That said, it is still exciting to witness characters as disparate as Davos and Missandei sharing a scene and perhaps a conversation. Even better is the reunion of Jon and Tyrion, who have not seen each other since the latter pissed off the edge of the Wall and left Castle Black only to be soon captured by Catelyn. Good times! They must have so much to catch up on… If they have any time for chit-chat, that is. Season seven promises to be a packed one!



WATCHERS ON THE WALLFirst images of a monumental meeting between major Game of Thrones characters!


Filming has been ongoing on the lovely islet of Gaztelugatxe in Basque Country for the past couple days, with major Game of Thrones characters descending to begin shooting scenes for season 7.


We’ve seen a few batches of photos and videos come down the pipe this week, but nothing is as exciting as the newest image to drop into our laps. We’ve been able to put two and two together as to what’s going to happen, based on the handful of photos that have surfaced lately, but we weren’t certain if this scene was going to be filmed on Gaztelugatxe or in a studio in Northern Ireland.


Tucked safely below the cut, MAJOR SPOILERS!



The image was taken from a distance, and is blurry but that is without a doubt a meeting between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow taking place. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington have both been shooting on the islet, and apparently did film a scene bringing together these two leading characters, finally, for the seventh season.



The two appear to be alone for their encounter, overlooking the sea. We see that Daenerys is wearing the new dark outfit she was spotted in earlier.


Rumors have been floating around for weeks that these two powers may be joining forces to take on Cersei and the Crown, and the White Walkers too. Now we have at least one piece of evidence that Daenerys and Jon will be sharing the screen in season 7.

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